Former Members

Ph.D. Students

Steven Wulfsberg, 2015

Sean Edington, 2015 
“A Diode Laser Study of the Catalytic Oxidation Dynamics of Acetaldehyde on Polycrystalline Platinum”

Conor Thomas, 2015 
“The Surface and Interface Chemistry of Bi2(Te,Se)3 Topological Insulators”

Matt Frith, 2015 
“Selective Alloy Oxidation and Iron Hydroxide Re activity: A Surface Chemistry Approach to Corrosion Control and Catalysis”

Zach Detweiler, 2014
“A View of Aqueous Electrochemical Carbon Dioxide Reduction to Formate at Indium Electrodes, and the Reversible Electrodeposition of Silver in Ionic Liquids”

Amber Hibberd, 2011
“Alkali Metal Atom-Wall Coating Interactions in Atomic Vapor Cells”

Pearl Dickerson, 2011
“Probing the Mechanism of Self-Assembled Monolayer Formation: Exploring Weak Intermolecular Forces and Electronic Properties”

Thomas Peng, 2008
“An Investigation of the Reaction Dynamics of the Catalytic Oxidation of Carbon Monoxide and Methanol on Platinum”

Gaurang Bhargava, 2007
“Imidazole-Iron Interaction in Corrosive Aqueous Media”

Manish Dubey, 2007
“Functionalization of Detector Surfaces for Sensor Applications”

Joseph E. McDermott, 2007
“Improved Organic Thin Film Transistors Utilizing Phosphonate Monolayer-Treated Gate Dielectrics”

Feng Tao, 2006
“Nanoscale Surface Chemistry of Organic Layers on Solid Surfaces Formed Through Weak Noncovalent Interactions and Strong Chemical Bonds”

Brett M. Silverman, 2005
“A Quantitative Study of Chemically Modified Metallic Surfaces for Use in Surgical Implants”

Martin L. Fransson, 2005
“Understanding Corrosion Inhibition: A Surface Science Study of Thiophene Derivatives on Iron Surfaces in Gaseous and Liquid Systems”

Michael D. Carolus, 2005
“Controlling Interface Properties: Formation and Characterization of Self-Assembled Monolayers”

Yuguang Cai, 2003
“Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Studies of Chiral Phenomena in Organic Monolayers Adsorbed on Graphite”

Eric L. Bruner, 2003
“Controlling the Work Function of Indium Tin Oxide with Organometallic Surface Complexes”

Kurt V. Wolf, 2002
“Ion/Surface Interactions: A Study of Hydrocarbon Chain Length Effects for Self-Assembled Monolayer Surfaces”

Kevin K. Meagher, 2000
“The Effects of Branching on the Reactive Decomposition of Sulfur Containing Organic Species on Clean and Modified Fe(100) Surfaces”

Kathleen L. Purvis, 2000
“Organic/Metal Oxide Interface: An Ultrahigh Vacuum Study”

Patrick J. Dooley, 1999
“Atomic Force Microscopy and Pooling Analysis”

Sean M. Wetterer, 1998
“Helium Atom Reflectivity Study of Physisorption and Chemisorption on Single Crystal Metal Surfaces”

Daniel J. Bald, 1998
“A Diode Laser Study of the Internal Energy of Carbon Dioxide Produced from Catalytic Oxidation Reactions on Platinum”

Lynn M. Phelan, 1998
“Interaction Mechanisms Leading to the Formation of Ion-Surface Association Products During Surface-Induced Dissociation Tandem Mass Spectrometry”

Longchun Cheng, 1995
“The Interaction of Model Corrosion Inhibitors with Clean and Modified Iron Surfaces”

Gwendolyn E. Olness, 1995
“Ozone Interactions with Photoresist and with Highly Ordered Pyrolytic Graphite, a Model Hardened Photoresist”

Ping Jiang, 1993
“The Interaction of Small Molecules with Clean and Gallium Modified Fe(111) Studied by TEAS, AES and XPS”

Christopher H. Peters, 1993
“Film-Substrate Interactions in Y1Ba2Cu3O7-x Superconductor Thin Films Deposited on Oxide and Alkaline Earth Fluoride Substrates”

Marianne W. Zappone, 1993
“The Interaction of Small Molecules with Fe(111) Studied by Thermal Energy Atoms Scattering (TEAS)”

Wei-Hsiu Hung, 1992
“Adsorption and Reaction of Small Molecules on Clean and Modified Fe(100) Surfaces”

John B. Miller, 1992
“Proton Transfer in the Deposition of Metal Complexes onto Hydroxylated Surfaces”

Liang Tung Chu, 1990
“The Dynamics of Nitrogen and Methane Scattering From Fe(111)”

Glennis J. Orloff, 1990
“The Laser Assisted Etching of Lithium Niobate and the Development of a Scanning Tunneling Microscope for Surface Science Studies”

Michael J. Ruggio, 1990
“The Dynamics of Nitrogen and Argon Scattering from Fe(111)”

Jiong-Ping Lu, 1989
“Adsorption and reaction of CO and CH3OH on the Fe(100) Surface”

Tuwon Chang, 1989
“Modeling Oxide-bound Rhodium Complexes for Microscopic Structural Analysis”

Alexandra P. Norton, 1987
“Probing the Water Photo-oxidation Reaction at the n-Titanium Dioxide/Aqueous Interface with Electrochemical and Surface Science Techniques”

Guo-Qin Xu, 1987
“Dynamics of Cluster Scattering from Surfaces”

Chih-Chen Cho, 1987
“Surface Modification by Metal Deposition and Laser Irradiation”

Lawrence S. Brown, 1986
“Adsorption and Interaction of Small Molecules on Platinum Surfaces”

Patricia B. Smith, 1986
“Investigation of an Ultrahigh Vacuum Analogue Catalytic System: The Interaction of Water and Tris(allyl)rhodium with Titanium Dioxide and Aluminum Single Crystal Surfaces”

Aubrey L. Helms, Jr., 1986
“Investigation of the Surface Defect Structures on Single Crystals of Molybdenum, Nickel, and Bismuth Induced by Pulsed laser Irradiation: Characterization by LEED and He+ Ion Channeling”

Richard J. Holland, 1986
“Surface Chemical Etching and the Dynamics of Cluster Scattering from Metal Surfaces”

Ann-Marie Lanzillotto, 1986
“Studies of the Sulfur Induced Roconstruction of the Pt(S)-[6(111)x(100)] Surface”

Alexander Robertson, Jr., 1985
“Molecular Beam Studies of the Interaction of Nitrogen Molecules with the Fe(111) Surface”

Bruce M. Biwer, 1985
“An Investigation of the Electronic Structure of an Iron-Titanium Nitride Ammonia Synthesis Catalyst”

Jerome Levkoff, 1984
“Rotationally Inelastic Scattering of Nitrogen Molecules from the Fe(111) Surface”

Susan L. Miles, 1983
“Small Molecule Adsorption and Decomposition on Mo(100): The Effects of Substrate Oxidation”

Gerard B. Olszewski, 1981
“Refinements in Structural Determinations by LEED”

Raymond P. Thorman, 1981
“The Internal Energy Distribution of Product Nitrogen Molecules Desorbing from Polycrystalline Iron and Nickel Surfaces”

Marjorie A. Langell, 1979
“Surface Characterization of the Cubic Sodium Tungsten Bronze (100) and Tungsten Trioxide (100) Single Crystals”