Group Awards

Qilei Zhu was awarded the Stephen P. A. Fodor *85 Fellowship for outstanding academic performance. Kyle Tarantino was awarded the ...
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Catalytic Alkene Carboaminations Enabled by Oxidative Proton Coupled Electron Transfer

Gilbert's paper is accepted into JACS. Congratulations Gilbert ...
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Bond Weakening Tile

Bond-Weakening Catalysis: Conjugate Aminations Enabled by the Soft Homolysis of Strong N-H Bonds

The group demonstrates bond weakening as the mechanism of substrate activation in a conjugate amidation. Congrats Kyle, Ted, and David! ...
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Undgraduate students Rei, Hudson, and Saeed have joined the Knowles Lab. Welcome!

Undergraduate students Rei and Hudson have joined the Knowles lab. Welcome! ...
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