Former Muir Lab Members

Associate Research Scholar

Hometown: Green Bay, WI
PhD, University of Pittsburgh, 2010, Organic/Peptide Chemistry

Zack is developing novel chemical biology tools to interrogate epigenetic phenomena, specifically in the regulation of histone methyltransferases. He is also researching synthetic approaches to tie peptidyl knots, which could have far-reaching implications for the burgeoning field of shoe-based nanotechnology.

Recently Zack has discovered that he shares >80% of his genome with that of the prestigious platypus, and so he has been working hard to elucidate what aspects of himself can be considered most platypus-like. Suggestions are welcome.

Post-Doctoral Researcher
Current position: Assistant Prof. at King's College, London. Home country: Switzerland Ph.D., ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) Zurich, 2010 Manuel developed chemical tools - including designer chromatin arrays - to study the biochemistry of histone methyltransferases and how malfunction of these enzymes ties in with cancer.
Post-Doctoral Researcher
Current position: Assistant Prof. at the Chemical Biology Program, MSKCC, New York, NY.   Yael was born and raised in Israel. After her brush with danger in the army, she moved to her first US adventure as a BSc at SUNY Stony Brook, where she discovered her passion for research. She went back to Israel to investigate her all-time-favorite protein, ubiquitin, under the supervision of Dr. Ami Navon at the Weizmann institute of Science, earning her MSc and PhD. Yael dived into the world of chemical biology when she joined the Muir lab in 2011, receiving her “chemist” patch doing organic synthesis and learning the difference between a dirty HPLC trace and a clean protein NMR. Yael is interested in understanding how different positioning of histone marks signal to distinct transcriptional outputs, using designer nucleosomes, SILAC based pull-down, proteomics, ChIPs and cell biology assays.
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Current position: Neon LTD. Rob is originally from the Las Vegas area but more recently comes to us from Seattle. He obtained a PhD in biological chemistry from University of Washingon Seattle working under Professor Mike Gelb. In the Muir lab, Rob spent his time studying phosphohistidine (and he also switched back and forth on studying proline isomerism). He picked the phosphohistidine project because, at the time, he didn't know that other phosphoamino acids (e.g. phosphoserine, phosphothreonine, phosphotyrosine) even existed. By the time he realized this, it was too late to switch projects, so phosphohistidine it is... and good luck with that! If he was not in the lab, Rob can be found hanging with his three favorite ladies or running in/near/around the Princeton Battlefield.  
Lab Manager
Home country: Czech Republic PhD in chemistry from University of Illinois in Chicago Current position: Research scholar at the Czech Republic As lab manager, Lenka was actively involved in chromatin research projects. She could run circles around us all, as she is a loving mother and wife, curious scientist, passionate teacher, life-long student, active singer (a soprano!), avid mountaineer, runner and Taekwondo trainee.
Post-Doctoral Researcher
Hails from: South Korea Current position: Assistant Prof. at UNIST, Korea. Jung-Min turned to the dark side of chemical biology after receiving his Ph.D. from Stanford working on design and total synthesis of bioactive small molecules. In the Muir lab, he chased phosphohistidine, an elusive member of the phosphoamino acid family, using chemical and biochemical tools.
Research Scholar

Phone: 609-258-6016   
Lab Phone: 609-258-5917
Fax: 609-258-6746

Current position: Co-founder and CSO at ProteoDesign

Hometown: Barcelona, Spain
PhD in Chemistry from the Universitat de Barcelona

Miquel was born in Barcelona, where he obtained a PhD in Chemistry from the University of the same name in 2005. After postdoctoral studies at The Rockefeller University in the Muir Lab, Miquel moved with Tom to Princeton as a senior researcher. He is interested in the development of intein-based technologies to modify proteins and study their function at the molecular level. Miquel also leads the Protein Center in Frick Chemistry Laboratory, which hosts instrumentation for the biophysical characterization of proteins and their interactions.

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Hails from: China

Current position: Bristol-Myers Squibb

Zhihua obtained his PhD from University of Arizona with Victor Hruby, working on peptide chemistry. In the Muir lab, his research got an upgrade to protein chemistry, which studies bigger biomolecules. The protein that Zhihua's research focused on is called intein.

Post-Doctoral Researcher
Current position: Bayer, Germany

Uyen is originally from Juelich, Germany, and obtained her Ph.D in chemistry at the Max-Planck-Institute of Molecular Physiology working under Prof. Roger Goody and Prof. Herbert Waldmann. Uyen joined the Muir lab in 2009, interested in developing a novel method for high-throughput chromatin biochemistry to unravel chromatin-associated signaling mechanisms. In particular, she prepared designer nucleosome libraries for parallelized screening assays to profile histone mark readers, writers, and erasers. Uyen is now enjoying her work with Bayer Pharma in Germany.
Graduate Student, chemistry, 5th year
Home country: China.

B.S. in chemistry, Nanjing University, 2010.

Catlin's research focuses on mechanistic studies of how the histone H3 methylation events are stimulated by H2B ubiquitination.

Graduate Student, Rockefeller University, 5th year
Hails from: Beijing, China B.S., College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, Peking University, Beijing Current position: Post-doctoral fellow at MIT. Agr is the natural master regulator of S. aureus virulence, and Boyuan was trying to overthrow it and take its position.
Graduate Student, Rockefeller University, PhD in May 2014

Hometown: Seattle, Washington
B.S., Magna Cum Laude, Biochemistry with honors, Western Washington University

Matt's research focused on elucidating the mechanistic details in the epigenetic regulation of the enzyme hDot1L by the ubiquitylation of Histone H2B.  When he was not in the lab, Matt thought about how he can combine his passions for research, travel, and soccer into an illustrious career. And when he was in lab, Matt thought about how he can combine his passions for research, travel, and soccer into an illustrious career.

Graduate Student, Cornell/Rockefeller/MSKCC Tri-institutional Training Program in Chemical Biology, 5th year
Hometown: St. George, UT B.A. in Chemistry, Magna Cum Laude, Knox College B.A. in Biochemistry with honors, Magna Cum Laude, Knox College Jeff was interested in the biosynthesis of AIP in S. aureus. At least, that's what kept him up at night. Jeff enjoys playing basketball and soccer. He'll watch most sports. Princeton hasn't been that bad of a place; after all, he did meet his wife in the area. Jeff is an avid birdwatcher and enjoys nature walks. He hates the smell of New York City after it rains. Mostly, he likes leading people on so that they think they know him.
Graduate Student, Rockefeller University - graduated November 2013
Home state: Indiana B.S. in Chemistry, New York University Current position: postdoctoral researcher, University of California, Berkeley Neel's interests in the Muir lab involved in the structure and reactivity of naturally occurring split inteins. In his spare time, he worked on protein trans-splicing assays.
Graduate Student, Aarhus University, Denmark, Visiting Student Research Collaborator

Hometown: Aarhus, Denmark
Current position: Graduate Student, Aarhus University, Denmark

Rasmus is a graduate student at Aarhus University and studied in the Muir lab in Fall 2013/14 as a visiting student research collaborator.  Rasmus' studies focused on how histone methyltransferases are involved in establishing and maintaining a given state of chromatin structure.

Graduate Student, Technische Universitat München, Germany, Visiting Student Research Collaborator
Hometown: Rolfshagen, Germany B.Sc. in Biochemistry , Leibniz Universität Hannover) Currently enrolled: M.Sc. in Biochemistry, Technische Universität München Karola was interested in studying how proteins such as linker histones affect chromatin structure by applying biophysical and biochemical techniques. In addition to learning about epigenetics and chemical biology tools, Karola was also getting to know the world of American cookies and candy. Apparently, a lot of secret stashes can be found in the lab…
Junior Undergraduate
A Newton, MA native, Ashley is an undergraduate senior on a wild adventure into the complex world of agr.  On a regular day, you can find her whistling catchy pop tunes at her bench.  If that starts to get obnoxious, tell her to please stop.
Junior Undergraduate
Senior Undergraduate
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Currently pursuing an A.B. in Chemistry

Buyan is researching the effect of histone post-translational modifications on chromatin structure. Specifically, she is investigating how a phosphotyrosine might affect DNA “breathing” - its deviation from the most stable conformation state - and lead to increased gene expression. Outside the lab, Buyan plays percussion with the University Orchestra.

Senior Undergraduate
Sam is from Los Angeles, California and is pursuing an A.B. in Chemistry.

He is interested in loci-specific crosstalk between histone modifications and is currently developing a method, using a modified CRISPR/Cas9 system, to answer such questions. He enjoys frequenting a variety of events that provide free food.

Molecular Biology, B.S. 2014
Graduated from North Allegheny Senior High School; Princeton degree in 2014 Shivam studied the crosstalk between histone ubiquitination and other modifications. His hopes were to investigate the mechanisms and complexes involved in crosstalk pathways using biological and chemical tools. Shivam was a impressive shining star at Princeton and in the lab, always entertaining with his infectious laugh.
Chemistry, A.B. 2014
Connie is from Madison, WI and received an A.B. in chemistry in  2014. Connie worked with the Staphylococcus aureus quorum sensing team to investigate the final steps of the synthesis and release of AIP, the autoinducer in this system. When not in the lab or in class, she could be found playing the harp or wheeling it across campus.
B.S. Chemistry, Phi Beta Kappa - Princeton University, 2013
Current position:  MD/PhD at Emory. Ha Eun is a citizen of the globe, and received her Bachelor's degree in Chemistry from Princeton University in June 2013. For her senior thesis project, she worked on peptide-based strategies for inhibition of the PRC2 complex. On an average day, you will probably find her singing, talking to people, and mostly laughing. The best compliment she's ever heard was that her laughter can be heard from miles away.
B.S. Chemistry, Princeton University, 2013

Hails from: West Virginia

Current:  medical school

B.S. Chemistry, Princeton University, 2013

Hometown: Princeton, NJ

Current: Tufts University School of Medicine

Biochemistry undergraduate, Oxford University, UK, Oxford/Princeton Exchange student, MIRTHE REU summer program

Hometown:  Morristown, NJ

B.S., 2013 Princeton - Chemistry and the Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics

Hometown: Chester, Vermont
Current: Harvard Graduate School
2013 NSF GRFP Fellowship

Joseph graduated from Princeton in 2013 in the Department of Chemistry and the Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics, jointly advised by Tom Muir, Megan McClean, and Jeremy Gunawardena (at Harvard Medical School). He worked on developing biochemically-realistic mathematical models to understand robustness, information carrying capacity, and other systems-level properties of biological networks. Joseph's focus with the Muir group included building models of multi-site, multi-type histone modification and of heterochromatin spreading.

Outside of the lab, Joseph can be found doing research on Greek and Latin literature, going to the theatre, and playing cricket. After three years as a member of the Princeton Cricket Club, he still bats like an American.


Former Muir Lab Postdocs

Francis Valiyaveetil                Post                 2000-05           Assistant Prof., Oregon Health Sciences University

Henning Mootz                       Post                 2001-03           Full Prof.,Muenster U, Germany

Steve Lockless                         Post                 2007-2009       Assistant Prof. Texas A&M Univ.

Jennifer Ottesen                     Post                 2002-2005       Associate Prof., Ohio State University

Baldissera Giovani                 Post                 2002-07           Scientist, Pharmaceuticals, Paris

Yuichiro Hori                          Post                 2002-2006       Associate Prof., Osaka U., Japan

Jean‐Philippe Pellois            Post                 2002-2006       Associate Prof., Texas A&M

Jianxin Shi                               Post                 2003-05           Postdoc, taylor Lab, UCSD

Matthew Pratt                         Post                 2004-2009       Assistant Prof., Chem Dept, USC

Champak Chatterjee              Post                 2005-2010       Assistant Professor., University of Washington

Kyle Chiang                             Post                 2007-2007       Biotech

Peter Moyle                             Post                 2007-2011       Lecturer, U. Queensland

Sylvia Frutos-Dominguez     Post                 2007-2010       Post-Doc Fellow, University of Barcelona

Beat Fierz                                 Post                 2007-2011       Assistant Professor, EPFL, Lausanne

Nami Ohashi                           Post                 2011-2012       Postdoc, Japan, Tokyo Medical and Dental University

Zhihua Liu                               Post                 2011-2014       Bristol-Myers Squibb

Uyen Nguyen                          Post                 2009-2014       Lab Head, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Berlin

Jung‐Min Kee                        Post                 2008-2014       Assistant Professor, Pusan National University, Busan, South Korea

Miquel Vila-Perello      Post/Res. Assoc.    2005-2014      Co-founder and CSO at ProteoDesign, Barcelona, Spain


Former Graduate Students

Michelle Trester-Zedlitz        Pre                   1997-2003       Postdoc, von Zastrow Lab, UCSF

Gholson Lyon                           MD-PhD        1997-2003       Assistant Professor, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Michael Hahn                          MD-PhD        2000-2007       Resident, UCSD

Robert Flavell                          MD-PhD        2004-2009       Resident, UCSF

Edmund Schwartz                 Pre                   2002-2008       Postdoc, Axel lab, Columbia Med. School

Isabela Giriat                         Pre & Post      2000-2004       Postdoc, Grunstein Lab, UCLA

Elizabeth George Cisar        Pre                   2004-2008       Postdoc, Rosen Lab, Scripps Research Institute

Robert McGinty                    MD-PhD         2005-2009       Postdoctoral Fellow, Penn State

Vasant Muralidharan           Pre                   2001-2006       Assistant Professor, University of Georgia

Disan Schold Davis               Pre                   2007-2012       Science Teacher, Hunter High School, NYC

Neel Shah                               Pre                   2009-2013       Postdoc, Kuriyan Lab, UC Berkeley

Matthew Holt                        Pre                   2008-2014       Summer 2014 research, Muir lab