Group Members

Group Members

Hersch Rabitz
Hershel Rabitz, Professor, Experimental & Theoretical

Caleb Bastian
Caleb Bastian, PhD Student (Applied Mathematics), Experimental & Theoretical

Research interests include stochastic dynamical systems (stochastic differential and partial differential equations), mathematical biology and oncology (epithelial cancers, metastasis and epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT)), mathematical analysis of massive data sets, machine learning, metabolic networks, high-frequency data, on-line real-time model calibration and prediction.

Denys Bondar, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Theoretical

Research interests include theory and applications of hybrid quantum-classical dynamics.

Renan Cabrera, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Theoretical

Research interests include generation of unitary operators, robust control, quantum-classical transition and graphics processing unit (GPU) computation.

Andre Campos
Andre Campos, Graduate Student, Theoretical

Research interests include application of optimal control theory to relativistic quantum systems, how relativistic effects influences the system’s controllability and applying control theory to manipulate relativistic effects in atoms.

Ayan Chattopdhyay, Graduate Student, Theoretical

Alexei Goun
Alexei Goun, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Experimental & Theoretical

Research interests include selective optical control of biological functions, coherent optogenetics and creation of new materials utilizing ultrafast laser pulses.

Tak-San Ho, Dr/Research Scholar, Theoretical

Research interests include quantum optimal controls of closed and open quantum systems, atoms and molecules in intense laser fields, photo-association processes, electron transfer in nano-scale quantum devices, atomic and molecular scattering theory, inverse problems and computational methods for time-dependent quantum problems.

David Hocker
David Hocker, Graduate Student, Theoretical

Research interests include robust quantum control and optimal control of quantum fluids.

Liang-Yan Hsu, Graduate Student, Theoretical

Research interests include quantum transport in a single-molecule junction and quantum dots, molecular electronics, control of molecular machines and molecular devices, electron transfer, vibronic coupling in a molecular system, electronic structure of conjugated systems, and quantum dynamics.


Francois Laforge, Associate Research Chemist, Experimental

Research interests include optimal coherent control of surface second harmonic generation, incoherent control of molecular systems by the environment, transport and conversion of energy in quantum systems, and electron and proton transfers.

Genyuan Li, Research Chemist, Theoretical

Research interests include chemical kinetics with principal areas of focus including chemical kinetic mechanism reduction approaches, high dimensional model representation techniques with applications in complex reaction systems, atmospheric chemistry and other scientific disciplines.

Xiaopeng Luo, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Theoretical

Zachary Quine, Graduate Student, Experimental

Research interests include applying optimal control and ultra-short laser pulse shaping to material detection and characterization and studying the impact of random environmental noise on the feedback loop of learning algorithms.

Roberto Rey-de-castro
Roberto Rey-de-castro, Professional Specialist, Experimental

Research interests include ultrafast lasers, automation, atomic, molecular and condensed matter physics and techniques to identify the mechanism induced by quantum control fields.

Greg Riviello, Graduate Student, Theoretical

Research interests include effects of landscape geometry and critical point topology on optimization efficiency.

Ben Russell, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Theoretical

Qiuyang Sun, Graduate Student, Experimental

Research interests include experimental demonstration of control landscape theories using NMR spectroscopy.

Dan Xie,, Graduate Student, Experimental & Theoretical

Research interests include control of electron transport properties inside multiple quantum-dot system nanodevices (theory), and control over optical response of single quantum systems located in heterogeneous environment (experiment).

Xi Xing, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Experimental

Research interests include ultrafast laser chemistry, adaptive control of molecular fragmentation, molecular spectroscopy and dynamics, chemical detection with mass spectrometry.